Wikia made links to nonexistant categories as normal links instead of having the normal red link color like any other page that still does not exist.

Expected behavior: A link to a category (and also the links to categories at the bottom of the page) that hasn't been created should be red-colored, same as a link to a page that havn't been created yet. That gives the user a warning about it, which may indicate that the category name was mispelled or that the category itself should be created with a little description and be categorized as well.

Actual behavior: Links to categories that hasn't been created yet aren't marked as such, and the link itself doesn't point to edit the nonexistant category. That makes that fact impossible to be noticed unless someone actually enters on the category which is a dead-end page.

How to disable this feature Edit

Wikia has forbidden to apply a wiki-wide change that would make those links red again, at least for the oasis skin.

You can make them red again using the following CSS code for personal use:

a.newcategory { color: #CC2200; } 

Note that the color code #CC2200 could be changed to match the color scheme of your wiki if you have modified the style.